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  • Special from California Department of Water Resources

    The series of atmospheric river storms that brought record-breaking amounts of rain and snow in January had many Californians asking if our existing water infrastructure is able to capture and store flows from these extreme weather events. With climate change resulting in stronger storms carrying more water and the possibility of major flooding, the answer is more complicated than one might think.

    “As the world gets warmer as a result of climate change, we see a change in the distribution of rain and snow,” said State Climatologist Michael Anderson. “This results in more runoff during the storm event itself, potentially creating a flood hazard and leaving less to run off from the snowpack in the spring for storage in our reservoirs.”

    Whether it falls as rain or snow, the majority of that water flows through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta – the center of California’s water distribution system – on its way to the San Francisco Bay. From state and federal pumping facilities in the south Delta, water is lifted into the aqueducts that carry it to the Bay Area, Central Coast, Central Valley and Southern California, to be delivered to 27 million people and 750,000 acres of farmland.

    Regulations govern how much water may be diverted to the aqueducts in order to protect water quality and fisheries. These regulations are based in part on the physical location of the facilities.

    The Delta Conveyance Project is a proposed infrastructure modernization project outlined in Governor Newsom’s strategy to adapt California’s water supply for a hotter and drier future. The project is an essential climate adaptation strategy that will help adapt to climate change and aid in ensuring the State Water Project can capture, move and store water during extreme weather events like the nine atmospheric rivers experienced in January.

    For example, if the Delta Conveyance Project had been operational during the high rain events of January this year, the modernized conveyance system could have moved 228,000 acre-feet of water into San Luis Reservoir while still meeting fishery and water quality protections and regulations. That’s enough water to supply about 2.3 million people for an entire year and is equivalent to approximately 40 percent of the total State Water Project exports in water year 2022.  

    As encouraging as the recent rainfall and snowpack statistics are, state water managers note that drought conditions persist and it will take years to replenish groundwater basins. While the winter season has been positive, the most important measurement of the year will be April 1 when the snowpack is typically at its highest.

    “These storms made clear the importance of our efforts to modernize our existing water infrastructure for an era of intensified drought and flood,” said DWR Director Karla Nemeth. “What we need to be positioned to do in California is move water when it’s available because moving and storing that water is going to help California weather longer and deeper droughts.”


  • 20 Mar 2023 by Metro

    I-5 NCEP Weekly Look-Ahead: March 20 to March 26, 2023

    Prepare for weeknight intermittent lane reductions in both directions between SR-14 and Parker Rd from 8pm to 6am to support all the below activities on I-5. Crews begin mobilizing at 6am and work hours are 7am to 4pm and 7pm to 6am on weekdays, and Saturdays as needed. 

    SR-14 to Magic Mountain Pkwy 

    Weldon Canyon Rd bridge removal of concrete form work. One-way traffic control with a flagger will be used as needed Monday through Friday at Weldon Canyon Rd/Coltrane Av. | More Information 

    Gavin Canyon bridge foundation steel rebar, forming and grading work along the northbound outside shoulder between Weldon Canyon Rd and Calgrove Bl. Construction access from The Old Road may be utilized. | More Information

    Southbound outside shoulder excavation, shoring and retaining wall work between Weldon Canyon Overcrossing and Calgrove Bl. Prepare for intermittent closures of the southbound Calgrove Bl on- and off-ramps from 7pm to 6am. Signage is posted along the detour routes and at the preceding off-ramp. Flagger controlled construction access from The Old Road at Gavin Canyon Undercrossing may be utilized. | More Information 

    Southbound on-ramp detours:   

    • Westbound Calgrove Bl: Right on the Old Rd, merge onto San Fernando Rd, right on Sepulveda Bl, merge onto Roxford St, enter southbound I-5 at Sepulveda Bl/Roxford St on-ramp  
    • Eastbound Calgrove Bl: Enter northbound I-5 Calgrove Bl on-ramp, exit northbound Lyons Av/Pico Canyon Rd off-ramp, right on Lyons Av, enter southbound I-5 at Lyons Av on-ramp  

    Center median retaining wall construction and concrete barrier work.  Activities include excavation, backfill, shoring, form, and concrete work between SR-14 and Magic Mountain Pkwy. | More Information 

    Outside shoulder slope soil stabilization (soil nail installation) in both directions between Weldon Canyon bridge and Calgrove Bl. Equipment includes a directional drilling machine, usage of trucks, forklifts, and concrete mixing support. | More Information  

    Butte Canyon bridge concrete form removal in the center median between Pico Canyon Rd/Lyons Av and McBean Pkwy, adjacent to Vista Valencia Golf Course. | More Information 

    Magic Mountain Pkwy to Parker Rd  

    Pile driving adjacent to the I-5 bridge at Rye Canyon Rd between The Old Road and Avenue Stanford. | More Information 

    Castaic Creek bridge deck work in the center median between SR-126 and Hasley Canyon Rd. | More Information 

    Electrical work at southbound SR-126 and Parker Rd on- and off-ramps. Prepare for the following nighttime ramp closures. | More Information 

    • Closure of the southbound I-5 to SR-126 off-ramp is anticipated on Wednesday, March 22 from 9pm to 5am. 
      • Detour: From southbound I-5, exit Magic Mountain Pkwy, reenter northbound I-5 at Magic Mountain Pkwy, continue on northbound I-5 to SR-126.  
    • Closure of the southbound I-5 Parker Rd on-ramp is anticipated on Thursday, March 23 from 7pm to 6am.  
      • Detour 1: Continue on eastbound Parker Rd to Castaic Rd or the Old Road, continue to Lake Hughes Rd, enter the southbound I-5 Lake Hughes Rd on-ramp 
      • Detour 2: From Parker Rd, continue southbound on The Old Road, enter southbound I-5 from The Old Road/Hasley Canyon Rd on-ramps. 

    Installation of a concrete batch plant along the southbound I-5 ramp at SR-126. | More Information  

    Sound wall foundation construction along southbound outside shoulder and The Old Road between Villa Canyon Rd and Hasley Canyon Rd. Activities include excavation, auger drilling, setting of steel rebar, concrete work, and material handling. Construction access from The Old Road may be utilized. | More Information 

    Center median roadway base, paving, and concrete removal activity between Magic Mountain Pkwy and SR-126. | More Information   

    Coming Soon 

    Full closure of Rye Canyon Rd between The Old Road and Avenue Stanford to remove construction equipment from the work zone in late March. Additional schedule and detour information will be provided in future weekly alerts. | More Information 

    Essential Details    

    • Work hours: Monday through Friday and Saturday, as needed from 7am to 4pm and 7pm to 6am. Crews will begin to mobilize at 6am.    
    • No two consecutive ramps in the same direction will not be closed at the same time. Detours to the next on-ramp will be posted for each closure.    
    • Traffic will be maintained in each direction.     
    • All lanes will be reopened by 6am each morning.      
    • No lane closures will be implemented during morning or evening peak traffic hours.    
    • The speed limit in construction work zones is reduced to 55-miles per hour.    


    Access to emergency responders will be maintained. Construction is a dynamic process, it is subject to weather conditions, and information is subject to change, visit the project website for the most up to date information and a weekly listing.   


    Metro's Community Relations team has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document that is now available to you as a resource. |  More Information

    Our project team invites you to join our e-mailing list to get the latest details on upcoming construction. |  More Information

    See all active construction notices for this project.| More Information


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  • 01 Mar 2023 by Chuck E. Cheese

    Chuck E. Cheese, the nation’s No. 1 family entertainment fun center, celebrates the grand reopening of its newly remodeled Valencia location with a special event.


    A Grand Reopening Event will invite the community to Chuck E. Cheese to enjoy free cake and a chance to win an Ultimate FUN Birthday Package for up to 10 kids. Additionally, the first 25 families in line will enjoy free game play during the event.


    New features include the most popular arcade, sports and kid-focused games with varying skill levels for players of all ages, an interactive dance floor, a large format video wall and screens with audio connected throughout the fun center to provide a more immersive entertainment experience for guests and birthday parties. Additionally, entertaining the family at Chuck E. Cheese is easy, convenient and affordable with All You Can Play games’ deals that offer up to 100 games plays per hour.


    The Chuck E. Cheese experience has been reimagined to plus up the fun for families with more games, updated technology enhancements, and innovation within its fun centers.


    As the Place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid, that commitment includes every kid. That’s why Chuck E. Cheese opens two hours early on the first Sunday of the month at participating locations to offer a quieter dining and entertainment environment, dimmed lighting and a sensory-friendly arcade experience for families through its Sensory Sensitive Sundays program.  


    Considered the Birthday Capital of the Universe, at Chuck E Cheese, children celebrating their birthday are free with purchase of a reserved birthday party and birthday package with at least 12 paid children when using the code “BDAYFREE” at the time of booking.   


    Families can enjoy safe, clean and worry-free fun, as Chuck E. Cheese has earned the Ecolab Science Certified seal, denoting a high standard of cleanliness.


                               WHERE:                25955 N. The Old Rd., Stevenson Ranch, Ca 91381


    WHEN:                  March 9, 2023 from 5:00 – 7:00pm