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  • 21 Oct 2020 by Vance Wealth

    Following six months of massive change and volatility, Vance Wealth, a Santa Clarita-based financial planning firm, is on track with its 10-year plan and entering a period of intentional growth. 

    After 17 years with Raymond James Financial Services, the locally owned company formed an independent registered investment advisor, or RIA, firm, purchased its second building in Santa Clarita and grew its staff by 50% in a three-year period.

    “This next phase in the evolution of our firm allows us to use the full extent of our expertise for the benefit of our clients and community,” firm founder and President John Vance said in a prepared statement, “and that’s the driving force behind all of our decisions here at Vance Wealth.”

    “We’re following the natural progression of a strong, vibrant firm and taking a major step toward independence,” Vance said. “Forming our own RIA will help us focus on becoming a firm of the future, while simultaneously offering our clients even more tailored solutions to achieve their goals and dreams.”

    Expanding its physical space, Vance Wealth purchased the building adjacent to the Santa Clarita-based firm and has been remodeling to accommodate recent and future growth. 

    “We’ve been hard at work building out our new space, which gives us the room to double in size over the next decade,” Vance added. “The new building houses offices for our growing team and a new media room, which will allow us to share even more information with our community through webinars, videos and virtual presentations. But all that space isn’t useful without the right team to fill it.” 

    As the firm continues to grow, Vance Wealth is expected to look for Santa Clarita-based candidates who are involved with the community, a quality that has become an important part of company culture. 

    The firm also plans to double-down on its duty to support the Santa Clarita Valley community. For example, Vance currently serves as chair of the board of directors for Single Mothers Outreach of Santa Clarita, and in 2021, Vance is set to chair the board of directors for the SCV Chamber of Commerce. 

    Vance Wealth ( is headquartered in Santa Clarita, with an additional office in Pasadena.