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Check out our previous campaigns below:


LA County Tourism Worker Minimum Wage Ordinance - Retired 

We urgently need all SCV Chamber Members and our business community to help amplify our voice to LA County Board of Supervisors. This proposal threatens jobs and the health of our local economy, which is driven by the tourism sector. Magic Mountain and hotels help sustain numerous local businesses. If approved, this County ordinance would lead directly to layoffs, budget cuts, and higher prices for consumers. 


Protect Business from Anti-Innnovation Bill - Retired

S.2992 doesn't bolster choice or innovation. It actually threatens to undermine American innovation and cede our nation's technological edge to foreign adversaries – all while hurting consumers, competition, and security. This bill would dismantle the digital tools and marketplace that small business owners have become dependent on to reach customers. Tell Senators Feinstein and Padilla to oppose S.2992 which will hurt California businesses.


No to Camp Scott! - Retired

Ask LA County Board of Supervisors Holly Mitchell and Sheila Kuehl to listen to their own Probabtion Department - which is staffed by the professionals and subject matter experts who are tasked with overseeing these youth - and support Supervisor Barger's motion to recommend that Nidorf Juvenile Hall serve as a Secure Youth Treatment Facility and not Camp Scott.


It's time to roll back LA County's mask mandate! - Retired

Ask the LA County Board of Supervisors to support Supervisor Barger in aligning their mask mandate with the State! Residents and businesses deserve clarity and consistency!The County’s masking requirements are constantly changing without clear evidence that these guidelines are even effective measures. With the goalposts continuously being pushed back, these provisions can last in perpetuity. Businesses and residents want clarity; keeping different measures when the rest of the state has moved on will only confuse and continue to hinder public trust.The Board of Supervisors needs to hear from you! Send your message now – it will take less than a minute!


CA Redistricting Commission - Keep the Santa Clarita Valley in One District - Retired 

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission will decide boundaries for Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly District, and State Board of Equalization districts. We urge the Commission to place the Santa Clarita Valley within one district for each level of government that include the communities of north Los Angeles County, including the Antelope Valley. It is in the best interests of the continuity of these initiatives that the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys be able to continue to advocate as one body.


LA County Redistricting Commission - Keep North LA County Communities Together - Retired

The Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) will be deciding the boundaries for each supervisoral district. It is imperative that our voices are heard and that Santa Clarita remains together with North County communities (cities of Lancaster and Palmdale) in the same supervisorial district. The North County is a “Community of Interest”, as defined by the state’s County Redistricting legislation SB-958; our communities share social and economic interests, as well as relying on the county for many overlapping services and contracts.


Stop the Tax on Warehouses - Retired

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is considering imposing an illegal tax on Warehouses - potentially increasing the costs of goods and services during a time when our lawmakers should be encouraging businesses to grow! The regulation is so complex it's nearly impossible for warehouses to comply. Forcing them to pay millions in "fees." We need to let the SCAQMD know that we are watching and do not approve of their significant government overreach that will drive up the costs of goods, threaten jobs and do little to reduce emissions in the area.


Don't Tax our PPP! - Retired 

The IRS extended the federal filing deadline from April 15 to May 17. However, that does not change the state filing deadline. We are requesting Governor Newsom to act immediately once Assembly Bill 80 has passed the Assembly. The longer the Legislature waits, small business owners who are struggling to keep the doors open are burdened. Businesses have to plan. After all the efforts to throw a lifeline to struggling business owners, this is no time to weigh them down with short deadlines and long tax bills.


We Are #ReadyToRideSafely! - Retired 

California’s amusement parks and attractions want to be a part of the solution as California faces the unprecedented hurdles presented by COVID-19. After the Governor rolled out the Resilience Roadmap, California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) crafted a comprehensive plan with health and safety protocols for parks to reopen. Our parks have been busy planning and preparing to implement their own site-specific plans for reopening in manner that promotes the safety of both guests & employees.


Support Bipartisan COVID-19 Economic Assistance - Retired 

The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce is working with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to support the bipartisan COVID-19 pandemic relief bill. While it’s critical that lawmakers get the details right, the situation is dire and urgent. The call will be urging swift passage of legislation that would allow small businesses a second draw on PPP loans, ensure PPP tax deductibility, and provide forgiveness for the smallest PPP borrowers. We will also urge lawmakers to work with the SCV Chamber and business community to ensure that relief reaches small businesses as soon as possible and that liability reforms provide meaningful protections like in the ‘Safe to Work Act’.

Oppose Cumbersome Workers Compensation Liabilities for Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Retired

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives as necessary ‘Stay at Home’ orders have created conditions in which businesses have needed to shut down and unemployment has increased. The SCV Chamber is concerned that SB 1159 would be detrimental for many employers who are struggling to keep their businesses alive in the face of this public health and economic crisis.SB 1159 would create a rebuttable presumption that an employee testing positive for or being diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of working at their place of employment is eligible for workers compensation.

Support The California Coalition for Safe Re-Opening's Three Point Economic and Public Health Recovery Plan - Retired 

The SCV Chamber has joined the California Coalition for Safe Re-Opening. This Coalition consists of local chambers of commerce and business and trade associations. Responding to the current COVID-19 emergency, the Coalition advocates for safe, reasonable, and predictable reopening plans in California that ensure the health of every resident, worker, and customer. Join us in support of the Three Point Economic and Public Health Recovery Plan created by the coalition, which was formed following Governor Newsom’s order to temporarily close indoor dining and operations for restaurants in 19 counties less than a month after allowing them to reopen.

Support LA County Minimum Wage Increase Delay Ordinance - Retired

The LA County minimum wage is set to automatically increase on July 1, 2020 just as our businesses are starting to reopen and as we attempt to get our economy moving again.  The LA County rise in the minimum wage is ahead of the State of California’s scheduled increases to get to $15/hour.

Safer at Work, Safer in our Communities - Retired

Our LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger has proposed a reopening with the "Safer at Work, Safer in our Communities" plan to get us back to work and our economy moving again. Reopening LA County or allowing North LA County (Santa Clarita, Palmdale and Lancaster) to apply directly to the State for a variance is desperately needed to revive our County’s economy and allow for our workforce to provide for themselves and their families.


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