Amplifying The Voice of Business.

The Voice of Business

The SCV Chamber successfully works on behalf of its members to maintain a healthy and vibrant business climate in what has been ranked one of the most business friendly cities in California. The Chamber takes an active role in shaping legislative policies in support of business. We represent our members before local, regional, state and federal governmental entities and provides a forum for our members to develop policy positions that directly impact the Santa Clarita Valley business community.

The following information defines and guides the SCV Chamber’s advocacy efforts and provides contact details for our elected representatives.

Policy Making Principles

The SCV Chamber has adopted a set of general principles that can be used to guide policymakers when faced with decisions regarding their constituents. The principles ask to 1) Engage the business community as a partner; 2) Make job creation and economic growth your top priority; 3) Consider the cumulative effects of taxes, fees, and regulations on job creation and economic growth; and 4) Open market for innovation.

Engage the business community as a partner.

Santa Clarita Valley's business community has always been a source of dynamic leadership, problem-solving, and innovation. Before supporting or proposing solutions to issues, we urge you to reach out to us, so we can work together toward effective solutions. We are your constituents, we employ your constituents, and our collective success is a mutual proposition. Let's work together from the start so together we can build stronger and more successful communities.

Make job creation and economic growth your top priority.

According to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, one in four children in Los Angeles County lives in poverty. While effective, accountable, fiscally responsible public programs are necessary short-term solutions to this crisis, the long-term solution must focus on creating good-paying jobs for your constituents that grow and sustain the economic vitality of our region.

Consider the cumulative effects of taxes, fees, and regulations on job creation and economic growth.

Over the years, our members have vocalized new taxes, fees, and regulations as their top concerns. In isolation, individual new tax, fee, or regulatory proposals might seem reasonable. However, the cumulative costs have become a hinderance to California's economic success. We urge you to reconsider the cumulative burden on the businesses that employ and sustain the quality of life for your constituents.

Open market for innovation.

Innovation, technology evolution, and consumer demand sometimes move faster than the speed of government. Regulators and policymakers should encourage the market to innovate and grow while balancing affordability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and the current state of technology for consumers.

Public Policy Pillars

The Chamber Board of Directors adopted a set of Public Policy Pillars in 2018 to convey to policymakers what the business community in the Santa Clarita Valley strives for. The Public Policy Pillars are set in place to guide the Chamber in directing our advocacy efforts. They are not intended to set specific policy priorities for the organization, but rather they should shape the way any policymaker approaches the decision they make.


Business Climate

The Chamber supports a positive environment in which businesses in our local area, city, region and state can continue to flourish and remain competitive. The Chamber supports the following:

  • Sensible changes in state labour laws and regulations aimed at making the workplace easier to administer;
  • Changes in tax policy that keep businesses competitive;
  • Local efforts to implement roadway improvements, infrastructure projects and other construction in a way that impacts the fewest businesses as possible; and
  • Revisions to the state's workers' compensation system to bring balance and fairness to what has become a contentious system.
  • The Chamber opposes government mandated unionization and supports unionization as a worker's choice.



The Chamber endorses tax policies that would enhance the competitiveness of our local businesses, such as business tax reforms and other changes to help further business development and worker retention. This would ensure that our businesses are not put at an economic disadvantage.


Land Use

The Chamber supports the thoughtful growth of the Santa Clarita Valley under the One Valley, One Vision general plan and supports policies that encourage smart growth planning and a jobs/housing balance.



The Chamber supports efforts to move toward increased use of renewable forms of energy. The Chamber supports recycling, conversation and green development, including the efforts of developers to earn LEED certifications for all new construction and working toward Net Zero goals.The Chamber is also aware that it is critical for business attraction and retention to improve our existing infrastructure and fine new, reliable sources for natural gas, water and other resources critical to the sustained growth of our community and economy. The Chamber supports the installation of alternative vehicle charging stations and the availability of low-emission, electric and non-motorized forms of transportation.



The Chamber believes that as the nation's top trade gateway and the area with the most automobiles per capita, the region cannot afford to ignore the effect that traffic congestion is having on our economy and quality of life. The Chamber supports policies that improve safety, mobility and relieve congestion on our roads and freeways to maximize the region's ability to move people and goods. The Chamber also supports planned expansion of alternate vehicle fueling infrastructure (ie. electric charging stations).



The Chamber believes that a workforce equipped with the skills for today's and tomorrow's jobs is critical for the future of the region's economy. The Chamber supports educational reforms that would bring increased community engagement, promote autonomy and entrepreneurship and create a school system that fulfills the needs of employers for a highly-skilled workforce.


Public Safety

The Chamber considers safety to be a top priority and support increasing the size and presence of our police and fire departments to allow for a decrease in response times and a reduction in crime. It is our priority to work with County, State and Federal partners to ensure adequate aerial firefighting resources and opportunities for expansion. It is imperative that we ensure our public safety officers are effectively equipped to fight fires when they are simultaneously ocurring in other counties and regions.



The Chamber supports policies to maintain and increase the region's booming tourism industry. With more than 25 million visitors coming to Los Angeles County each year, the Chamber recognizes the industry's importance to our region's economic stability and growth.

2019 Legislative Priorities on input and suggestions from our local business community, the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to establish our 2019 Legislative Priorities. Below are the top local and state policy issues that will be the focus of the Chamber's advocacy efforts for 2019:

Economy & Jobs

  1. The SCV Chamber will oppose attempts to raise the statewide cap on local sales and use taxes.
  2. The SCV Chamber will promote a diverse energy resource mix to preserver consumer choice, ensure reasonable, and reliable energy service.
  3. The SCV Chamber will support policy decisions that promote the growth of innovation, technology sectors that meet consumer demands.
  4. The SCV Chamber will oppose legislation that would prohibit or limit local governments' ability to contract out for the provision of services.
  5. The SCV Chamber will advocate for regulations and processes that facilitate enhanced film, television and commercial production in the Santa Clarita Valley
  6. The SCV Chamber will call for the reinstatement of the flexible work week that allows individual employees to request deviation from the 8-hour, five-day state mandate.
  7. The SCV Chamber will support increased career technical, vocational, computer science and STEAM funding in schools.
  8. The SCV Chamber will work to ensure that federal funding remains in place for community health centers, which will guarantee access to healthcare and protect tens of thousands of jobs.
  9. The SCV Chamber will support legislation which limits the time period after termination in which a workers compensation claim can be filed.
  10. The SCV Chamber will advocate for a minimum 65-day right to cure period before a lawsuit can be filed against an employer under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).
  11. The SCV Chamber will work to amend the minimum salary threshold for exempt employees so that it is not linked to the minimum wage.


Land Use

  1. SCV Chamber will push to reform and streamline the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
  2. The SCV Chamber will oppose legislation that would interfere with, limit or eliminate the decision-making authority of municipalities in the area of local land use.
  3. The SCV Chamber will oppose legislation that seeks to circumvent local control and local circumstances when addressing homelessness.
  4. The SCV Chamber will support the development of housing at all economic levels to address homelessness, workforce housing and the housing in the greater Santa Clarita Valley.
  5. The SCV Chamber will support land use decisions and zoning changes that will support the economic vitality of our business community while protecting our community's quality of life.
  6. The SCV Chamber will continue to support comprehensive policy solutions to protect the public, our communities, and the economy from risks posed by wildfires and other natural disasters.



  1. The SCV Chamber will support legislative and regulatory efforts to ensure Santa Clarita receives its fair share of transportation revenue; based upon appropriate population statistics or proportionate to transportation tax dollars generated in the City and increase funding for local transportation, transit porgrams, and projects.
  2. The SCV Chamber will work to support acceleration of all Measure M-funded Metro projects.
  3. The SCV Chamber will oppose legislation that changes the composition of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Board of Directors (Metro), resulting in a reduction of Santa Clarita's representation or influence with the Board of Directors.

Elected Representatives

Below are the contact details for Federal, State, County and Local elected officials representing the Santa Clarita Valley:

Congresswoman Katie Hill

U.S. House of Representatives - CA 25
Senior District Representative: Jonathan Ahmadi
23734 Valencia Blvd. Suite 206| Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-839-0532
Visit Website


Senator Henry Stern

California State Senate - 27th Dist.
District Representative: Denise Kniter
5016 N. Parkway Calabasas, Suite 222 | Calabasas, CA 91302
Phone: 818-876-3352
Visit Website


Senator Scott Wilk

California State Senate - 21st Dist.
District Representative: Kris Hough
23920 Valencia Blvd, Suite 250 | Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-286-1471
Visit Website


Assemblywoman Christy Smith

California State Assembly - 38th Dist
District Director: Ryan Valencia
27441 Tourney Rd, Suite 160 | Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-286-1565
Visit Website


Assemblymember Tom Lackey

California State Assembly - 36th Dist
District Director: Vanessa Wilk
41319 12th St. W, Suite 105 | Palmdale CA, 03551
Phone: 661-267-7636
Visit Website


LA County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger

Board of Supervisors - 5th Dist
Field Representative: Stephanie English
27441 Tourney Rd., Suite 180 | Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-287-3657
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City of Santa Clarita

Mayor Marsha McLean, Mayor Pro-Tem Cameron Smyth and 
Councilmembers Bob Kellar, Bill Miranda, and Laurene Weste
23920 Valencia Blvd., Suite 300 | Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-259-2489
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Advocacy in Action

The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce strives itself on being the leading business organization in the Santa Clarita Valley. As the Voice of Business, we are on the frontline on a local and state level, advocating for our business community during a volatile political climate.

Bills in Support

Job Creation Overlay Zone

Assembly Bill 25 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Clarify Business Compliance with Consumer Request

Assembly Bill 71 - Codify the Borello Test

Assembly Bill 533 - Income Tax Exemption for Water Rebates

Assembly Bill 782 - CEQA Exemptions for Land Conservation Acquisition

Assembly Bill 846 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Customer Loyalty Program

Assembly Bill 873 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Personal Information

Assembly Bill 874 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Publicly Available Information

Assembly Bill 1146 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Exemption Related to Privacy Related to Vehicle Information

Assembly Bill 1416 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Businesses Collection and Disclosure of Consumer Information

Assembly Bill 1564 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Consumer Request for Disclosure Method

Assembly Bill 1809 - Disable Veterans Business Enterprise

Senate Bill 621 - Expediting CEQA Review for Affordable Housing Projects

Senate Bill 669 - Safe Drinking Water Trust

Senate Bill 744 - CEQA Exemptions and Judicial Review for State Funded Homeless Housing Projects

Senate Bill 753 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Definition of Sale

Bills in Opposition

Assembly Bill 5 - Stop the Misclassification of Workers

Assembly Bill 161 - Electronic Receipts

Assembly Bill 441 - Underground Water Storage

Assembly Bill 1568 - Withholding SB 1 Funds for Housing Production Goals

Senate Bill 561 - California Consumer Privacy Act: Consumer Remedies

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