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SCV Water Launches Water Champions Program to Support Local Business Community

SCV Water Launches Water Champions Program to Support Local Business Community
22 Jan 2024 by SCV Water

SCV Water recently launched its Water Champions program, which focuses on supporting businesses within the SCV Water service area by providing programs and resources to use water efficiently. The program helps local businesses prioritize efficient water use and showcase their water conservation leadership to the community.

“In the Santa Clarita Valley, our business community is vibrant and active. Businesses recognize the benefits and value water provides to the community and business owners are taking steps to reduce water inefficiency and waste,” said SCV Water Sustainability Manager Matt Dickens. “They know that saving water is a continuous act – learning and implementing water-efficient habits to help make better choices for water use, so that they can become better stewards of our precious and vital resource.”

As part of the Water Champions program, SCV Water is inviting local businesses to participate in The Great Leak Sweep, a free water-use efficiency check-up for businesses within the SCV Water service area. The service helps businesses save water by detecting and fixing leaks; supplying water-saving devices (if needed); identifying other water savings opportunities to help lower water bills; and providing rebate and water-saving resource information.

“We’re excited to launch this program for the local business community. We want to work with them to minimize water waste by finding and fixing leaks,” said SCV Water Conservation Specialist Dolores Campos. “It’s also a great educational opportunity to teach them about water saving practices and reminding them about SCV Water rebates and resources to help them save water and money.”

Check-Ups Coming Soon

Beginning in January 2024, WaterWise Consulting, Inc., will be conducting water-use efficiency check-ups. The service is voluntary and is provided to SCV businesses at no cost. WaterWise is a conservation consultant contracted through SCV Water, and is comprised of professional representatives trained in water use efficiency.

The service includes: 

  • Checking for toilet leaks and installing new flappers
  • Installing new high efficiency bathroom and kitchen aerators, and pre-rinse spray valves
  • Providing a push broom for cleaning up the exterior of the business
  • Providing information on available SCV Water rebates and incentive programs
  • Supplying EPA WaterSense training materials on methods to conserve water at the business

Become a Water Champion

Upon completion of the check-up, participants will be provided with a Water Champion decal to display in the front window of their business.

Campos added, “We’re working together to reduce water waste and improve water-use efficiency within the Santa Clarita Valley’s business community, with the goal of ‘making water conservation a California and SCV way of life’.”

To participate in the program, call 661-513-1216 or email For more information, visit: