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I-5 NCEP Weekly Look-Ahead: January 9 to January 15, 2023

I-5 NCEP Weekly Look-Ahead: January 9 to January 15, 2023
06 Jan 2023 by Metro

Prepare for weeknight intermittent lane reductions in both directions from SR-14 to Parker Rd from 8pm to 6am to support all the below activities on I-5. Crews begin mobilizing at 6am and work hours are 7am to 4pm and 7pm to 6am on weekdays and Saturdays as needed.


SR-14 to Magic Mountain Pkwy
RESCHEDULED DUE TO RAIN: Weldon Canyon Rd bridge falsework adjustments anticipated to take place tonight, Friday, January 6th from 10pm to 6am. Prepare for intermittent traffic breaks in both directions between SR-14 and Calgrove Bl. Minor traffic delays may occur with support from California Highway Patrol. | More Information

Weldon Canyon Rd bridge installation of concrete formwork. | More Information

Southbound outside shoulder excavation, shoring and retaining wall work between Weldon Canyon Overcrossing and Calgrove Bl. | More Information

Center median retaining wall construction and concrete barrier work.  Activities include excavation, backfill, shoring, form, and concrete work between SR-14 and Valencia Bl. | More Information

Outside shoulder slope soil stabilization (soil nail installation) in both directions between Weldon Canyon bridge and Calgrove Bl. Equipment includes a directional drilling machine, usage of trucks, forklifts, and concrete mixing support. | More Information

Butte Canyon Bridge falsework and form work installation between Pico Canyon Rd/Lyons Ave and McBean Pkwy. | More Information

Gavin Canyon Undercrossing bridge steel rebar, forming and concrete work along the northbound outside shoulder between Weldon Canyon Rd and Calgrove Bl. Construction access from The Old Road may be utilized. | More Information

Magic Mountain Pkwy to Parker Rd
Rye Canyon Rd bridge pot holing and excavation along outside shoulders. Construction access from Rye Canyon Rd may be utilized. | More Information

Sound wall foundation construction along southbound I-5 and The Old Road between Villa Canyon Rd and Hasley Canyon Rd. Activities include excavation, auger drilling, setting of steel rebar, concrete work, and material handling. Construction access from The Old Road may be utilized. | More Information 

Center median roadway paving activity between SR-126 and Parker Rd. | More Information    

Coming Soon in Mid-January 2023
Removal of two existing overhead signs at the California Highway Patrol Weigh Station on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 between 10pm and 4am, and on northbound I-5 at Newhall Ranch Rd on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 between 10pm and 4am. Additional closures will take place as a contingency on Thursday, January 19, 2023, if needed. | More Information 

Closures and detours: 

  • Full closure of northbound I-5 between Magic Mountain Pkwy and SR-126.  
    • Detour 1: Exit northbound I-5 to eastbound Valencia Bl, continue to eastbound McBean Pkwy, turn left onto westbound Newhall Ranch Rd, enter northbound I-5 Newhall Ranch Rd.  
    • Detour 2: Exit northbound I-5 at Magic Mountain Pkwy, continue northbound on The Old Road, enter northbound I-5 at Hasley Canyon Rd. 

Nighttime closures for bridge construction on Rye Canyon Rd. and on the Old Road south of Calgrove Bl. | More Information 

Essential Details

  • Work hours: Monday through Friday and Saturday, as needed between 7am-4pm and 7pm-6am. Crews will begin to mobilize at 6am.   
  • No two consecutive ramps in the same direction will not be closed at the same time. Detours to the next on-ramp will be posted for each closure.   
  • Traffic will be maintained in each direction.    
  • All lanes will be reopened by 6am each morning.     
  • No lane closures will be implemented during morning or evening peak traffic hours.   
  • The speed limit in construction work zones is reduced to 55-miles per hour.   

Access to emergency responders will be maintained. Construction is a dynamic process, it is subject to weather conditions, and information is subject to change, visit the project website for the most up to date information and a weekly listing.