SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (May 16, 2019) — The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce announced today its support for the City’s proposed Job Creation Overlay Zone (JCOZ) which would raise the allowable height for office buildings.  The SCV Chamber also supports increasing beyond the proposed allowable height on office buildings to six stories and to establish an equivalent height for industrial buildings as well.  These efforts support a goal of attracting more Class-A office building developments with high-quality, high-paying jobs.

“As our business community continues to grow with new business moving here and local company expansions,” said Nancy Starczyk, chair of the board for the SCV Chamber of Commerce, “it is vital for the City of Santa Clarita to provide appropriate development opportunities that meet current and future needs of business which bring high-paying jobs to our City.”

The City of Santa Clarita continues to be ranked as one of the most business-friendly cities in California and the Job Creation Overlay Zone will further that reputation to help open the doors for more businesses to locate to Santa Clarita with high-quality, high-paying jobs.

In a letter sent to the City Council and the City Planning Commission on behalf of the SCV Chamber Board of Directors, John Musella with Evolve Business Strategies wrote that the SCV Chamber Board supports, “the need for the City to seriously consider increasing the allowable number of stories for office buildings to six stories and establish an equivalent height for industrial buildings as well.  Now is the time to ensure our planning efforts help create more high-quality jobs in the City of Santa Clarita.”

As noted at the 2019 SCV Economic Outlook event in March, economic and real estate experts expressed the need for increased building height as a noteworthy change in regional market demand.  The JCOZ will help make Santa Clarita more competitive by creating a higher level of confidence for business owners when looking to locate and build in Santa Clarita.

The Santa Clarita City Planning Commission will review the proposed JCOZ at their meeting next week.


The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce is the largest business membership organization in the Santa Clarita Valley representing more than 65,000 member employees.  The Chamber serves as “The Voice of Business” working as the SCV’s leading business advocacy organization in the third largest city in the County of Los Angeles.  Founded in 1923, the Chamber works to advocate for, educate and connect the business community.

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