Shaping our Community Leaders


FocusSCV is a newly designed leadership program for directors, middle management, entrepreneurs and business owners, who are looking to take an active role in helping to shape the future of the Santa Clarita Valley. The program, created in partnership with College of the Canyons, will take place one Friday a month from April to October 2020, highlighting business strategy, financial planning and leadership training.

Potential participants will need to complete a questionnaire as well as the StrengthsFinder assessment on leadership style.  This information is critical for deciding whom the appropriate mentor for the mentorship component of this program and will assist the committee in determining eligibility.  The goal is to obtain a wide variety of participants from different backgrounds, industries and skill sets.

The program will commence on Friday, April 10 and continue through October 9, with participants meeting once a month from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M.  The qualifying participants will be chosen by a panel of business leaders and educators from College of the Canyons. The cost for FocusSCV participants is $2,000, which includes a personality profile assessment, all classes, networking mixers, and a graduation dinner.

Application and PreAssesment

Potential participants need to complete the above Application questionnaire as well as a StrengthsFinder assessment on leadership style to be eligible for the program. 

The application process will run from February 12 - March 11.  After March 11, a panel comprised of Chamber Leadership, Business Leaders and Educators from College of the Canyons will review the applications and decide which participants will be admitted into the program for the current year.  

The information gained from the StrengthsFinder assessment is critical in deciding eligibility of the participant. This will also be used in selecting the best mentor for the mentorship component of the program.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $50. This covers the cost of the StrengthsFinder assessment. 

Accepted participants will have the application fee deducted from the course amount.  

Once you have completed the Application above, please call or email us in order to pay the Application fee of $50 to obtain your StrengthsFinder Book.

Please email or phone 661-702-6977

Course Details

Classes will be on Fridays from 1p.m. - 5p.m. on the dates below. Order of program is subject to change. Nationally recognized speakers to be announced.

April 10, 2020


Your Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence                                                                

May 8, 2020 Strategic Planning for your Business
June 12, 2020 Financial Management
July 10, 2020 Communication Style, Conflict Resolution
August 14, 2020 Crisis Communication
September 11, 2020 Advocacy
October 9, 2020 Project Leadership



In addition to the training component of FocusSCV, we will be highlighting various businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley that make substantial contributions to the economic growth of our region.  Participants will have the opportunity to interact with C-Suite Executives and will receive a VIP behind the scenes tour from some of our business partners.  This part of the program will be on Wednesday afternoons and will align with the Chamber’s Business After Hours Mixers. Participants will be required to attend at least four networking events.  However, participants are encouraged to attend all events.  Networking mixers will be held on the following dates:

April 22, 2020

May 20, 2020

June 17, 2020

July 29, 2020

August 26, 2020

September 23, 2020

October 21, 2020

There will be a graduation and awards dinner at the end of the program. 


Local community and business leaders will serve as mentors for FocusSCV participants.  Participants will be paired with a mentor based on the Application and StrengthsFinder assessment.  Each participant will have their own mentor and will meet at the beginning, halfway and at the end of the program. 

Each mentor may decide to meet more frequently based on the participant's needs and mentors availability.  


Corporate Sponsorships

Limited Corporate Sponsorships are available.Should you be interested or need more information please contact us at

Gold      $ 3,500.00

  • One Attendee
  • Logo on note pads, binders and any other custom printed material
  • Logo on step and repeat at graduation dinner
  • Website, media and all marketing recognition


Silver    $ 2,000.00

  • Logo on note pads, binders and any other custom printed material
  • Website, media and all marketing recognition


Bronze  $ 500.00

  • Website, media and all marketing recognition