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About Spectrum Business

Products & Services

Spectrum Business offers a Hybrid Fiber/Coax service to provide small to medium sized businesses with Internet, Phone, TV, Wireless Internet Backup, and Mobile services.

Internet speeds are 300/10 Mbps, 600/35 Mbps, & 1 Gig/35 Mbps. 

Spectrum Voice is analog service (not Voip) and can be use for phone, fax, fire alarms, elevators, etc.

TV services are designed for all business types including Bar & Restaurant. You can use your own devices like Apple TV & Roku to watch live TV channels rather than renting HD Boxes as well.

Wireless Internet Backup (WIB) is a service to provide automated redundancy for critical devices such as POS machines. Our WIB service includes a battery backup and monitors both our network and electrical power for outages. It automatically activates when either is down. This is a hard-lined 4G LTE dual sim cellular backup (not a hotspot). Customers are notified via text or email when the service is activated and when it stops after regular services are restored. This service is only $20.00 per month and includes all equipment and no contracts!

Spectrum Mobile offers Unlimited Data plans for only $29.99 per month when getting 2 lines or more. We also have a $14 By-The-Gig plan that includes Unlimited Talk & Text with 1 Gig of data. This plan is preferred by those who are primarily connected to wifi when using data. Each additional gig is $14.

For more information about Spectrum Business services or offerings please contact Jeffrey Lee at 747-230-3013 or


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