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About SchlickArt

Our goal is to have our clients leave any of our sessions confident in the fact that the product or service they trusted us to work on with them is exactly what they need to have a successful experience. Whether that is a new set of headshots or professional portraits, updated video marketing for their website or social media, or a visual marketing training session that we custom-designed to target your specific objectives and remove the roadblocks standing in your way – so you can craft a visual brand that’s beautiful inside and out.

Watching our client’s stress, fear, and uncertainty wash away is an amazing feeling!

Products & Services

Professional Portraits


Personal Branding portraits

Lifestyle Marketing photography

Business Video Marketing

Promotional Videos

Social Media Video

Video Subscriptions

Visual Marketing Strategy for Businesses and Brands

Boudoir Photography

Family Portraits

Primary Company Location
24907 Avenue Tibbitts
(661) 313-3907

Member Employees

  • Lindsay Schlick

Company Contact

Lindsay Schlick
(661) 313-3907