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About DeDona Restoration

I want to tell you a little about myself and a new restoration business that I have launched.  First, my name is Michael Fitzgibbons, experienced restoration professional ready to  start something new.  

I have a long history in the restoration field having worked every rung of the restoration leadership ladder, V.P of Operations, General Manager and most recently President.  I've been on the inside of big box restoration companies as will as a Plumbing/restoration company; I know the restoration industry from the inside out.

Several months ago i decided it was time for a change and get back to basics, so I transitioned and set-off to start something new.  Now, at this point you may be asking, "Why would I leave a lucrative paying position during a pandemic to open my own company?"  Well, that's a fair question and deserves a simple answer.  2020 changed me.

2020 was a year like nothing we have ever seen before. The stressors of 2020 have exposed the thin veneers of the business sector, a lack of compassion and sense of integrity.  Now more than ever, we need to show empathy and compassion and have the integrity to stand up for what is right. Words on a website or marketing material should be a call to action and not just empty words to drive sales.

I left my previous company to make a difference in the industry and to show our customers-not just in words but in action-that I am looking to create family, not just customers.

Primary Company Location
28170 Ave Crocker
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